The Best Ways to Kill Bed Bugs

Killing bed bugs

Sleep tight they say, always followed by a warning to not let those pesky bed bugs bite you. Other than just being a silly saying you’d tell your children when tucking them in at night, this warning should actually be considered very seriously. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed …

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How Does a Steam Cleaner Work?

How a steam cleaner works

Keeping on top of daily and weekly cleaning duties can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have enough time during the workweek to take care of all the various tasks we associate with it. The results can vary from a small dust build-up to years’ worth of grease …

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Cleaning a Mattress with a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning a mattress

Out of all the important pieces of furniture we use every single day, the mattress is probably the most neglected. You spend a third of your life laying on that thing, but how often do you clean it? If your answer consists of stammering and gently scratching your head, you’re …

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How to Remove Pet Urine Stains from your Carpet

Pet Urine Stain Remover

A pet can truly be your best friend and companion, but if yours is still a puppy / kitty and hasn’t caught on to the fact that the centre of your living room carpet is NOT the ideal place to “make its mark”, your task will often be to deal …

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How often should you Clean your Carpets with a Machine?

How often to clean carpets

This is a question that has caused a bit of a stir among professionals. We can all agree on the fact that a carpet needs to be maintained regularly, but what does that entail exactly? Well, the answer isn’t uniform and depends on a few factors specific to your home. …

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Things you can Clean with your Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning with a carpet cleaner

Getting rid of all those funky smells and dirt that have been growing steadily inside your carpet for God knows how long is a really great feeling. After all, a good carpet cleaning machine can do a great and thorough job of it and leave your carpet not only cleaner, …

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This is the Most Epic Gaming Chair Available Right Now!

EPIC gaming chair by Noblechairs

There are a lot of us that enjoy gaming in our spare time. However, there are casual gamers, who actually play games in their spare time, and hardcore gamers who live and breath exploring the virtual world. If you enjoy this then you must be excited at the prospect of …

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Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews for the UK in 2016

Carpet cleaner

Cleaning carpets is tough and you will need a steam cleaning machine to help you. You can find the best carpet cleaner machine by reading these reviews. Want to find out what the best carpet cleaner for your specific needs is? Keep reading and soon your house will be as …

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The Best Automatic Cat Feeder to Buy in 2016

We look for the best automatic cat feeder on the market right now.

We’re all so occupied with our day-to-day tasks that we can often forget to spend some valuable time with our pets. The worse thing is that sometimes, certain situations can also make us forget to feed them. This is not only irresponsible but also inhumane! This means that we’ve simply …

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How to Clean a Fish Tank without Killing the Fish

This guide should help you clean your fish tank properly.

Getting a new pet can be an exciting time regardless of whether you are an adult or a child. The entire process of deciding which one to get can give you sleepless nights (in a good way of course). However, this excitement also means that you can often forget that …

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