Best Coffee Tables

When designing your home, great focus is often placed on the furniture you buy.

While coffee tables are probably the last thing on your mind, these can often be the final piece of the jigsaw. By this I mean that you can really impress your guests by picking a design that really stands out. At the very least, you need to pick a set in synergy with the rest of the furniture and interior décor.

Agreeing with the statement above, the shape and size of this particular accessory is just as important as the style.

If you’re at the stage of deciding which one to get, I’m sure it feels like you’re in a bit of a pickle. This is because there are so many products available and all of these come in different styles, shapes and sizes.

In order to prevent any regrets in the future, you need to inspect your sitting/living room along with your interior décor and existing furniture. This will help you to select a product that’ll complement the rest of the room.

If you’re fed up of visiting furniture stores then we’ve picked some of our favourite products in different designs and sizes. These have been reviewed in detail below. While these may not be sufficient for you to make the decision, it will give you a rough idea on what to look out for.

Let’s do this!

Comparison Table of top Coffee Table brands

Mercer’s Furniture CoronaWood, MetalRectangleLarge
Furniture Kraze Hollywood RangeWoodRectangleLarge
HL Design Alina-1WoodRectangleLarge
Alfa-Tische M2082 PrimoWoodOvalMedium
CT 01 DesignerGlassOvalMedium
Interlink Egon SchwarzWoodSquareSmall
Royale Comfort Glass NestGlass, MetalSquareSmall – Set of 3
Robas Lund Kira 58227WW4Wood, MetalSquareSmall
Ikea LACKWoodSquareSmall
FMD Side MikeWoodRectangleSmall

* At time of publishing

Top 10 Coffee Tables to Look Out For

1. Mercer’s Furniture Corona

This Mercer’s Furniture Corona coffee table is inexpensive and looks quite nice.

If you’re looking at high quality wooden coffee tables with storage space then you can’t look past the Corona. Made from solid Pine, this has a typically traditional look due to the Mexican design.

In terms of the build quality, this is a fairly heavy and certainly a highly durable product. It looks like it’s been built very well and I must admit, I quite like the antique finish. Obviously, traditional models like the Corona won’t appeal to everyone. This is because most people like their interior décor to be modern. However, for those that are really appreciative of the traditional antique design then this will be the product for you.

Now this wouldn’t be suitable as a side table as it is a bit large but it has some advantages of its own. For example, it has a drawer that can provide you with a bit of storage space.

While the quality is excellent, the price is surprisingly quite affordable. For this reason, if this will complement your sitting/living room, I’d definitely advise you to go for it!

2. Furniture Kraze Hollywood Range

This is one of the nicest glass coffee tables we have come across.

A lot of people shopping for furniture try to find something that isn’t too modern or traditional. This is exactly where the success of this glossy table lies. It has a wooden design but one with a glossy black glass. This combination allows it to look quite sleek and highly attractive.

The size of this product is on the large side and so it probably won’t be considered as a side table. Despite the size, it isn’t expensive at all. I would consider this product to be quite cheap especially when you consider the overall appearance and the quality of materials used. It even has an under shelf for extra storage! This area is quite roomy and will store books or any other decoration pieces very easily.

The build quality of this product is decent. It feels solid but it isn’t completely sturdy. However, one disadvantage is the sharp corners, which won’t bother adults too much but will be a hindrance for children.

In overview, this is a terrific product due to several reasons. It’s extremely affordable and looks great (due to the wooden mirrored design) for the price. It’s quite easy to assemble and comes in a good size.

3. HL Design Alina-1

This oak style table looks stylish and isn't that expensive.

Another modern table, the Alina-1 comes in a light coloured wooden finish. It has quite a decent large size and has an element of luxury about it. I say this due to the very unique appearance it has.

Again, like the previous product, this also has a very useful under shelf, which will be highly advantageous for extra storage. It looks absolutely superb due to the unique design and colours utilised. The built quality also seems to be great. On top of that, the corners are also rounded. This will increase the level of safety if you’ve got young children walking around your home.

Normally, we can expect to pay a high price for high quality coffee tables and this is exactly what we’ll have to do to get our hands on the Alina-1. It’s terrific in terms of the overall quality but will cost you a premium price.

4. Alfa-Tische M2082 Primo

The walnut finish on this coffee table looks excellent.

The Primo is another beautiful product and it comes in a unique oval design. This design will go well with living/sitting rooms but may not match with every type of room. This will depend entirely on your interior décor. Other than that, the Primo looks terrific and has a very unique design due to two different-sized shelves. These will not only provide you with extra storage space but will also enhance the overall appearance! The walnut finish also contributes to this greatly. 

Alongside the appearance, the Primo will also provide an improved degree of convenience when compared to other similar products. This is mainly due to the inclusion of wheels in the design. This means that you’ll find it much easier to drag this from room to room when compared to the hard work needed to lift a heavy table.

In addition to all of these positive points, it’s worth noting that the oval design will add an element of safety, as there won’t be any dangerously sharp corners. It’s also quite cheap and most people will be able to afford it!

5. CT 01 Designer Glass Oval

This glass coffee table looks elegant.

When it comes to appearance, not many products can beat this CT 01 table. It comes in a designer contemporary style that just oozes luxury. It has a glass surface alongside a very uniquely designed shiny fibreglass base. The best thing about this is that there are several colours to choose from and these range from black, white and red.

The oval design (and the lack of sharp corners will ensure that no one hurts themselves when coming into contact with this table.

In addition to an excellent looking design, this is built very well too. You’ll certainly appreciate the sturdiness if and when you get it. For such a high quality product, this is priced quite cheaply especially when you compare it to other similarly priced coffee tables.

6. Interlink Egon Schwarz

This black coffee table was one of our favourite choices.

The Interlink Egon Schwarz has a very unique design that will impress most of your friends and members of the family. The interlinking design makes it seem very modern especially for a small side table. It’ll certainly make your bottle of wine or champagne look great on a special occasion. You cup of coffee will look great too! To be honest, I think this is an ideal product for small get-togethers.

In terms of flexibility, I’ve never seen such a special piece of furniture. It has an X design and you can easily store books or magazines in this area. On top of this, the main surface can be lifted and converted into a tray for serving coffee or other drinks.

Hopefully we can agree that this is an absolutely fantastic product in terms of almost every aspect. It looks great, feels great and has been built very well. On top of this, it’ll only cost you a little over 20 quid!

7. Royale Comfort Glass Nest

This is an impressive glass table, and doesn't cost too much.

When it comes to elegance and simplicity, this Royale Comfort set should be at the top of your list. It’s mainly made from metal with glass used as the surface. These materials ensure the aspect of simplicity, something that’ll suit some of us more than others.

Regardless of whether your aim is to place a cup of coffee, a decoration piece or both, the fact that we get 3 different coffee tables will be highly advantageous. In fact, you can probably use the smallest size as the side table for coffee while the biggest size can be used for a flower vase or something similar.

As I’ve mentioned, in terms of appearance, there isn’t anything special about this product. You’re literally looking at a simple and elegant product. However, the quality really is terrific and this includes the sturdiness. You’ll definitely feel like you haven’t spent too much on this because the price is just so cheap and affordable.

8. Robas Lund Kira 58227WW4

This is a very stylish looking white coffee table.

In order to add a little modern touch to any living room, this product would be the perfect candidate. It’s one of the smaller tables on the list but it just looks so unique and elegant.

This product comes in an all-white colour with a high-gloss feature. It also has wheels and this will allow you to shift it from room to room with ease. It’s also very easy and extremely quick to put together when you receive it.

While it’s not the cheapest, I think the price isn’t too high either. This is because of the fact that this table will liven up any setting in your home. It’ll be ideal to use when drinking coffee and reading the newspaper in the morning. You’ll also get a reasonable amount of storage space due to the shelves just below the main surface.

While most of the features are excellent, the modern design is the one area that really caught my eye when checking out the Robas Lund Kira 58227WW4.

9. Ikea LACK

This Ikea coffee table is cost effective and looks simple.

Ikea is well known for it’s furniture and this is one of the best coffee tables around. The main reason for this is that it is extremely cheap and affordable. In fact, it’ll only cost you a little over 10 pounds.

In terms of the quality, this is an excellent product although it does have a very simple and plain design. It’s also quite light and thus, extremely easy to move from room to room. In addition to this, it’ll also be simple to put together. I also found the build quality to be quite good and you can’t really go wrong at such a low price!

One of the main advantages I found with this product was its availability in a wide range of colours. You’ll be able to choose from several colours such as black, birch and white!

10. FMD Side Mike

This is one of the top coffee tables in the uk right now.

The FMD Mike is another wooden product that looks amazing due to its extremely unique low design. To be honest, it doesn’t even look like a table. This is the reason why I think that it’d be perfect in any home though it does come in a light brown coloured finish.

Just below the main surface, you’ll have a separate little compartment for storing newspapers and magazines. The main surface itself is highly resistant to damage as it’s covered with melamine. Furthermore, the surface is also a lot easier to clean when compared to other similar products!

While the product is of good quality and looks quite good, it’s important to note that the colour might be a little dull. You need to ensure that you consider this before making the purchase. Other than that, the price is very cheap so you shouldn’t have any regrets if you end up buying this extremely modern piece of furniture.

What to Consider Before Making the Purchase

When it comes to coffee tables, we have so many different products to choose from. If you’re ever in this situation (and you will be at some point) then it’s highly advisable to do your research before making the purchase. There are several factors you need to take into account as follows:

Existing Interior Décor – This is perhaps the most important factor because it’ll decide what kind of designs you need to go after. Is your existing furniture mostly traditional or modern? What kind of colours are the most dominating? Do you need a wooden product or a simple metal one?

Price – Deciding on a budget is always a good idea and will not only prevent you from spending over the top but will also prevent unnecessary wastage of time.

Size – This is another question you need to ask yourself and your family. Do you need a small side table or do you require a large main one for your living room?

Storage – This won’t be important for everyone but is still a good area to look at. I say this because you’ll easily be able to keep the room clean and keep the books and magazines out of sight.


Regardless of which product you’re about to buy, it’s highly advisable to spend a little bit of time on carrying out a little bit of research. To help you out, we decided to look at the top 10 side tables available for you to buy.

All of these products have been associated with superb overall quality and they are a mixture of modern and traditional designs. This difference in designs will combine well with different price tags to ensure that everyone will be able to find something for their needs. You can also put each of these products against one another with the help of our comparison tool abov

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