Fat Burning Soup Diet

There is an awful lot of emphasis being placed on weight loss and a healthy diet these days. Women and now Men are also trying lots of different celebrity diets in order to look healthier.

There are a lot of diet plans going around the Internet with some leading to miraculous weight loss while others advise you to combine a healthy diet with regular rigorous physical exercise.

If you ask us, the best thing to do would be to do it the healthier way and this is exactly why we’re here to advise you today. Just remember that a fat burning soup diet doesn’t mean that all you’re allowed to have is soup.

If you’re assuming this then you are seriously mistaken. Some people may have tried an all soup diet but in our opinion, this won’t be good for your health. Our diet is modified and combined with all the healthy foods available.

The whole point is to eat healthy foods and then combine this with a fat burning soup recipe when you feel hungry.

When it comes to diet, eating soup is great. This is mainly because soup can be delicious if prepared the right way.

The best part about this is that the arrival of soup maker machines has made things so much easier for us. This means that we can make a delicious bowl of soup easily and within no time at all.

As mentioned above, the whole point of this kind of diet is to lose weight in a healthy manner. This means that you’ll be consuming lots of healthy fruits and vegetables and other foods that are low in fat and low in calories.

Then instead of snacking on junk food, you’ll be eating deliciously healthy warm soup. The soup will be made with a fat burning recipe so not only will it be low on calories, it will also provide you with the necessary foods that will increase the rate of fat loss.

Fat Burning Soup Diet and Recipe

It is definitely a good idea to try a soup diet.

On the first day of your diet, you need to eat fruits the entire day. However, you’re not supposed to eat bananas as they are quite high in calories. You can also drink water or fresh fruit juice that doesn’t have any additional sugar added. In between, you need to have the fat burning soup, the recipe for which is described below.

Day 2 involves eating as many vegetables as possible though you shouldn’t have potatoes, as these are starchy foods. You should have leafy vegetables and literally no fruit on day 2. And if you’ve stuck to this then have some baked potato for tea if you like.

Day 3 will involve eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible. However, this time, potatoes should be avoided completely.

On day 4, you’ll have bananas while drinking skimmed milk throughout the day. But you shouldn’t have more than 3 bananas.

Day 5 requires you to eat high quality meat, which will provide you with animal protein. You can use chicken, beef or lamb for this and combine this with tomatoes.

For day 6, you should combine animal protein with as many vegetables as possible while day 7 should involve introducing some brown rice in combination with fruits and vegetables.

Throughout the programme, you should be consuming at least one serving of soup. At the start of the programme, the soup should be consumed as much as needed.

If you follow everything to perfection, it is highly likely that you will see a noticeable difference in your weight.

The fat burning soup recipe is as follows:

You’ll need lots of vegetables including large green or red onions alongside tomatoes, green peppers, a hot pepper, cabbage, celery, garlic and seaweed. You should also use vegetable bouillon in addition to all the vegetables.

You should cut these into small pieces and put them into your soup maker and cook them with olive oil. This is the sauté process and would be best suited for the Morphy Richards Saute and Soup Maker.

You should also add some spices like rosemary, oregano and thyme. At this stage of the process, you can afford to experiment with the recipe a little bit.

The most important thing to do is experiment with your diet and this fat burning soup diet will be great for getting results quite quickly. It isn’t the healthiest of diets but it isn’t the worst either.

The whole point of it is to start off on fruits and vegetables and slowly introduce healthy foods back into the diet again. When done the right way, the diet can be quite effective. However, you need to ensure that you stop the diet if you start feeling unwell during the first few days.

Your health is the most important after all!

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