How to Make Soup

Making soup is a relatively simple process but this task can be carried out far quicker and easier by using a soup maker.

If you’ve been used to making soup by hand then you won’t know much easier life can get if this is done with a piece of equipment especially dedicated to making soup on an automatic setting.

Nowadays, we’re all trying to eat healthy and lose weight for one reason or another so making soup in the easiest and least time-consuming manner may be useful for some people.

The only issue is that there are a lot of soup makers available on the market so these will all have their own unique way of making soup. However, the process is roughly the same and extremely simple.

The most common machine in the UK is the Morphy Richards soup maker so we’ll base the process on this. But don’t worry, most electric soup makers usually operate in a very similar manner so there won’t be anything complicated.

The Process

The very first step of making soup involves gathering all of your vegetables, washing them and chopping them up into smaller pieces. These don’t have to be perfectly diced but if you just cut them roughly then that should be fine.

Of course, you need to decide whether you’re going to pull out a recipe from a cookbook, the Internet or even use your own special recipe.

Once you’ve decided on the recipe and have prepared (washed and cut) all the vegetables then the next step is to simply place them inside the machine.

Once this step is completed, you will need to put the rest of the ingredients based on your chosen recipe. These can be spices or similar flavouring agents. Once everything has been placed into the soup maker, you’ll need to use hot water that is boiled in the kettle.

Of course, you can use chicken broth instead of the water or experiment with any other ingredient if you use. You need to be aware that some machine don’t recommend the use of hot water so try to read the instruction manual thoroughly if you can.

Once, you’ve got everything ready and placed inside the machine then the next step is to start the soup maker.

At this point, the lid should be closed off and the plug should be inserted and the switch turned on. Once you have done this, you will notice that there are several lights that are flashing.

The next step is to press the “MODE” button and select the method of cooking. This method will describe the consistency of your soup. You will have a choice between making chunky or smooth soup.

This particular soup machine will also allow you to make a juice of the ingredients if you select that particular mode. Once you’ve decided on the type of soup you’d like then all you need to do is select that particular option.

This will lead to the timer being shown on the machine and this will read around 28 minutes for chunky soup, 21 minutes for smooth soup or 2 minutes if you selected the juice option.

Once the process has ended, the timer will go off and you literally have a bowl of delicious hot and healthy soup to eat. It really is as simple as that and trust me, you’ll never go back to making soup by hand again.

Hopefully, you’ve grasped some sort of idea about the process and will be trying it soon but clearly, you can see how easy the entire process is.

One thing to note is that some machines even have a sauté feature so make sure that you look into this if you want your soup maker to fry foods as well.

If you’re planning on making soup as part of a fat burning diet, you can see how useful and efficient a dedicated soup maker can be.

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